Welcome to my website! I live in southern New Mexico with my husband and son where I teach yoga, weekly wellness classes and create eco-friendly jewelry.  I recently co-authored The EssentialYoga Program which gives yoga teachers a simple way to incorporate the healing benefits of aromatherapy into their classes. I also homeschool my son, study Healing Touch, volunteer for a social change organization called Shakti Rising and promote sustainability through my Green Living Tools website.

My mother's experimentation with energetic work and healthy eating growing up inspired me to explore alternative healing as an adult. doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils have become the medicine of choice for my family. The combination of essential oils and yoga has helped me heal from past trauma and manage anxiety and depression.

Aromatherapy and Healing Touch are incorporated into my yoga classes as a way to enhance the experience and deepen the connection to self. The restorative style of yoga I teach allows me to reach people across the spectrum of body type, age and physical ability. 

The stillness and focus of this practice challenges those with a strength and balance focused yoga practice or weight lifting/cardio routine while providing the much needed counterbalance of deep stretch and recovery time. Yet the accessibility of the floor postures allow those with physical limitations to receive the full benefit of a yoga practice. My goal is to continue to reach out to those who are intimidated by yoga.

My father was fortunate enough to put his fine arts degree to work by managing and starting art programs on military bases while also selling his art in galleries and art shows. My school breaks were spent experimenting with ceramics, pottery, painting, sketching, framing, metal work, stained glass, rock polishing while weekends were spent gallery hopping in various towns.

I've continued experimenting with all things creative. RiffRaff Jewelry is a combination of two of my passions, creating and recycling. I love the idea of making something unique and wearable out of an unexpected and delicate material such as magazines, calendars and damaged book pages. Custom pieces made with materials that typically get tossed in a box or a photo album truly tell a story. 

"You must be very patient" is the most common statement I hear about my jewelry. It’s a labor intensive process that I find to be a meditative and grounding practice like yoga, aromatherapy and Healing Touch.

~Deidra Schaub

Contact Me: deidra@essentialyogaprogram.com